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Snorkel Vests

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Snorkel Vests

Traditional Snorkeling vests are worn on the front and held in place with straps around the back and through the crotch. You fill the vest by blowing air into it with your mouth. These inflators are made with plastic or brass . Brass is the best! A little air in the vest can make a nervous snorkeler more confident, and adding more air inside allows anyone to rest comfortably at the surface. Snorkeling vests are becoming more popular every year.

 Use a snorkel vest if you are not a good swimmer or if swimming far off shore

Resorts and Cruise Lines are requiring the use of a snorkel vest now for safety


Snorkel vests now come in all sizes. Youth, Adult and XL.

Snorkel vests for youth or children come in 2 styles. The miniature adult style and the wrap around style. The wrap around style being the most secure for the little ones.

 Jacket and Zip Jacket styles are also Available 






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